Alpha Evoke 28 Boiler

Combi Boiler
Mains Gas
24.0 kW Heat Ouput
12.1 Litres of Hot Water Per Minute
75.2% Hot Water Efficiency.


Brand Alpha
Main Type Combi
Fuel Mains Gas
Power Output (Kw) 24.0
Sap 2005 Seasonal Efficiency (%) 90.2
Sap 2009/2012 Seasonal Efficiency (%) 88.9
Sap Summer Seasonal Efficiency (%) 94.3
Sap Winter Seasonal Efficiency (%) 89.8
Boiler Id 3.027376
Burner Control Variable (Stepped Or Modulating)
Condensing Yes
Exposure Rating Indoor Only
Fan Assisted Yes
First Year Of Manufacture 2017
Final Year Of Manufacture Current
Flue Type Room-Sealed
Ignition No
Integral Passive Flue Gas Heat Recovery Device No
Mounting Position Wall
Type Gas And Oil Fuel Boiler
Efficiency Category Sedbuk Based On Certified Data
Comparative Hot Water Efficiency 75.2
Specifications data source: Building Energy Performance Assessment Support Website